Guide to use textures in interior designing

If you want your space to look beautiful and visually appealing, and mesmerizing, the texture will surely come into the picture. This is regarded as a complementary foundation of interior design, and it helps to fabricate seamless space that further ignites the beautiful composition and designs in your room. 

Importance of Texture in Interior Design

Once you understand the texture in interior design, you should also be able to imbibe the importance that texture has in interior design.

Texture provides balance:

Contrast is significant when you want the design to look more balanced and soothing to the eyes. The most critical elements pop up when you add any texture to the interior design. They can strike the perfect balance between different elements to avoid restraint. With the help of texture, you must choose a prominent focal point. Make sure that you hire the services of the best wall texture designers in Hyderabad

Texture provides visual poundage and weight:

The visual weight can draw attention to itself. If you add a healthy dose of texture to your design, it will add more value and also make space. There is also a color theory where the designers are taught how warm or cool colors could affect the space discerns.

The texture makes the space feel much more intimate or smooth, depending on the nature of the room/space. You also need to decide the type of texture you want to put in, which will be able to restrict the visual weight.

Different Textures in Interior Designs

The texture states how a particular object would feel when you touch it. It is thus quite clear that it depicts some tactile items. But, you will also be able to feel the texture of the space when you look at it. The interior design has two different textures.


The tactile creates an impression. This illusionary form of texture is made to appear completely different from how it feels when you touch it. This is produced through the physical surface of the space, whether smooth, complex, or rough to touch. These are the 3D characteristics that you might feel. This is a three-dimensional texture because it has height, width, and depth. A fuzzy chair cover is the perfect example of this type of texture.


The Visual texture, on the other hand, influences the mood as well as the ambiance of the room. The visual texture is two-dimensional because it lacks the actual depth. This is a trait of a two-layered figure or a two-layered rendering of a three-layered object that also portrays the surface qualities. This includes eggshell, matte wood grain, sand, fur, canvas leather, satin, or smooth surfaces such as metal or glass. Good wall texture designers in Hyderabad will provide you with the best interiors.

This is the best way to use texture in interior design

  1. Use Texture with Light– The rough textures give you a warm feeling as they tend to reflect much lesser light, making the object look much more rustic and adding weight. On the other hand, the smooth and shiny textures provide a much more pristine and modern look as these reflect more light and also offer an excellent impression of the living space.
  2. Use Texture with Scale – Scale is another component used with texture. This will make the room look much lighter and give the right texture.
  3. Use Texture with Color– If the color and texture are used properly, they supplement and complete each other impeccably. These are the most intensely finished items, dart much lesser light, giving a dim shade to the room’s color plan.


Texture plays a vital role in interior design. It is often overlooked and seems to be forgotten about, but it has a much lesser magical power that will help add depth and beauty to the room. If you want your room to be the center of attraction, you should add texture when designing a new room. The best wall texture designers in Hyderabad will design your room the best way.



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