Here are the details of the interior designing trends over the decades

Have the interior designing trends changed in the last few decades? Yes it has but all these trends have also influenced each other. The best interior designers in Hyderabad will ensure that the design is the best. There are several types of designs that existed before but do not exist anymore. But there are also certain designs that existed in the past and also exist in the present but in a different form.

If you are passionate about interior designing and décor, you must have noticed how quickly the styles and the tastes have changed. A new trend has been popping up each year, which has imposed a particular look on the interiors, including the materials, palettes, lines, lightning, and texture. Good interior designers in Hyderabad will ensure that your interior design service is the best.

Interior designing trends- 1910

The interior design trends during 1910 included floral patterns and more elegant silhouettes. This art nouveau design embraced long, organic lines rather than straight and clear geometric patterns. The Mosaics and the Japanese motifs were also famous during this era.

Interior designing trends- 1920

During the 1920s, the bold colors and elaborate ornaments became more popular along with chrome, glass, lacquer, inlaid wood, exotic skins, jade, marble, ebony, etc.

Interior designing trends- 1930

During this time, the designs were reduced to essential elements, including clean, minimalist spaces and streamlined forms with no authentic ornamentation. The simple color scheme, along with the basic industrial materials like concrete, glass, and steel, has been a significant part of the design industry in the 1930s.

Interior designing trends- 1940

This was the age of large-scale transportation, powerful industrial machines, and ocean liners. Steel, concrete, and glass were primarily used in architecture.

Interior designing trends- 1950

The designs are modern, functional, and also quite ergonomic. The Scandinavian designs were also introduced in this era. This promoted quite simplistic ways of living, and this stressed clean lines and straightforward designs. These were influenced by a simple way of living and also emphasized clean lines and simple designs.

Interior designing trends- 1960

This was a time when interior design was inspired by space. The first space travels and flights also influenced interior designs to a great extent. The materials and the shapes communicated a technological path toward innovation and the future.

Interior designing trends- 1970

This was a period that was wholly cheesy and tasteless. This is a design that is a mix of the modernism of the 60s and the sleekness of the 50s. 

Interior designing trends- 1980

The interior design of the 1980s was marked by the beginning of post-modernism. This also inherited the past decade’s excess, mainly focussing on the colors, the floral accents, large scale, and the clashing patterns. This followed the Memphis style, the most influential trend of the decade.

Interior designing trends- 1990

The 90s have been a transitional and chaotic phase. The excesses and the bold colors were popular during the 1980s. But the road started preparing for the new millennium’s minimalism and sobriety. Some of the most famous landmarks of this age included the wooden kitchen cabinets, canopy beds, puddles of curtains, wood beams, and patterns.


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