Here are the six best wall paper trends

The year 2022 has brought with it some exciting and refreshing new interior design trends. So this is always a good idea to re-do, refurbish, makeover, or renovate the living spaces of an individual. Make sure that before you choose a design for your home, you should check the interior design trends in Hyderabad We, at Elaan interiors make sure that we provide you with interiors that is the best.

How you decide to redo your living space at the beginning of a year can set the pace for the rest of the year. The real fact is that the look and the feel of your home play a very important part in the way you feel and this is quite a well-documented fact today.

Several ways will provide you with a fresh start in a year. But the quickest and the most efficient way to give your home a makeover is playing around and experimenting with the walls of the living space.

Know about the best wallpaper trends that you can play around with this year:

Use 3D Wallpapers

This year, bring in 3D design wallpapers home and adorn and enhance the beauty of your walls with quite real, tactile textural wallpaper. In the traditional times, the wallpaper had 2D designs along with prints and patterns. But as per the prediction of the interior designers and experts, the wallpaper is going to be much more interesting in days to come. The texture is also going to become much better because the accents start popping out of the wallpaper. 

Earthy Meets Minimal in 2022

The interior designing trends this year has a minimum, rustic vibe. This year there have been several earthy tones and also textures that have been incorporated in terms of interior design, and these also apply to wallpaper. The colors that are mostly preferred for wallpapers this year are olive green, earthy browns, mustard yellow, creams, and toned-down whites. In the terms of texture, the matte and crumpled wallpaper is the preferred design. These wallpapers can be quite versatile because this is not a statement piece. So, these types of wallpapers are the most perfect blank canvas that will also help you to design the rest of your home.

Bring Nature Home

This is a kind of wallpaper that highlights nature. These wallpapers have animal prints, bird prints, and also floral prints. These wallpapers are perfect for wall inserts or use in some specific areas of your home that might include the bar area, the bathroom wall, or as a statement wall in the living room.

Since these wallpapers have an artistic value so they might be a little expensive depending on the amount of hard work involved in designing each of these sheets. But the best thing is that these kinds of prints don’t get boring and they can last a very long time. It is important to check out the latest interior design trends in Hyderabad

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

The wallpapers can at times also be an environmentally costly affair. If these are made using natural processes and materials, the production process can be beneficial for the environment. So, in 2022, it is important to consider using wallpaper that is made of much more sustainable materials and is manufactured through eco-friendly processes.


Most people indeed consider wallpaper to be a little costly or time-consuming affair. But if they are selected in the right way, they can be a great investment in the design of your home. If you know the interior design trends in Hyderabad, it will certainly benefit you. There are many interior designers in the market, however before hiring the services you should check out the reviews and the testimonials of the company. We, at Elaan Interiors ensure that we provide our clients with the best designs.





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