How Luxurious Home Decor is Defining New-Age Homes In 2022?

Congratulations on your new home! Now that you’ve finally bought your dream house, the most critical and challenging work begins- home decor. Yes! Keeping up with the trends in home décor is difficult. As the years pass, new trends come in leaving you more confused. If you are new to this region, the best solution is to hire a professional team. Look for the best luxury home interiors in Hyderabad, and you will come across the top ones.

Since most of the last two years were spent at home, it was all about merging elegance with function and innovation. WFH culture introduced study areas in all households, kitchens became the central hub for all activity, etc. But what can we expect in 2022? The best luxury home interiors in Hyderabad will come up with new trends.

 If your New Year’s resolve is to give your home a major makeover, this is the place to get inspired with everything from new paint palettes to innovative furniture options.

List of home interior trends in 2022

Biophilic Design

Incorporating nature into our indoor environment is the basic meaning of biophilic interior design. After more than a year of being cooped up indoors, there has been — and will continue to be — a focus on regaining our connection to the natural world through the use of Biophilic design, with special emphasis on creating calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation, a visual connection with nature while improving wellbeing, health and productivity.

COVID-19 ushered in a global green movement unlike any other. Plants, both indoor and outdoor, proved to be excellent confinement companions. And while the globe is no longer on lockdown, the love for plants at home has persisted.

According to interior design experts, green homes are expected to be plentiful in 2022. Greenery will be a persistent home décor trend in the coming year, from employing them as highlights in the living room to having a lush corner of greens in your bedroom or even emphasising tiny plants in bathrooms.

The Vintage Decor

Vintage interior decor never goes out of fashion. just like the world of fashion goes back in time every now and then, so do interior design trends, borrowing from the decades past.

As previously stated, antique furnishings aid in home sustainability, but they also provide one’s living space with a distinct personality – which the people are increasingly demanding for their homes. Vintage furnishings, such as four-poster beds and dressers, and stand-alone pieces such as chairs, sofas, and other accessories such as lamps, and mirrors, offer a beautiful aesthetic.

Bold Patterns

In 2022, many homeowners will switch to bold patterns along with color. If you love the style of the 60s or 70s, then you have some great options of shades to add to your room and give it a retro look.

Single Room for Multiple Uses

The pandemic and the work from home period gave rise to a fascinating aspect of interior design: multifunctional spaces. A movement in layout design to enable multi-functionality will be a strong home décor trend in the following year.

Open floor plans are also likely to lose favour and become obsolete. The main goal now will be to create single places that can be used for various functions.


Like these, there are much more interior home decor trends to watch out for in 2022. However, as we said above, if you are searching for professional and best Premium luxury home interiors in Hyderabad, you will find some of the top ones who will help you design your home interior.

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