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ELAAN, Luxury Interior Designers in Hyderabad stands solid with its 25 years of legacy and pride. Premised in the UK, we have offices in India and Malaysia as well. ELAAN is a multidimensional practice that is dedicatedly associated with meticulous research, planning, designing, and implementation of ideas that are instrumental in generating elegant, voguish, and ingenious home and commercial spaces. 

Our belief centers around the idea that the interiors and designs of space are reflections of one’s persona and identity. This makes our goal to customize and personalize the designs as per our client’s tastes and preferences. The core concept of ELAAN, an interior design company, relies upon providing our clients with the most individualized designs as per the client’s requirements. 

Other than domestic projects, we have effectively carried out international projects as well.  As a committed and design-oriented firm, we endeavor to enhance the living space or any commercial space that is sure to convey the creative idea behind the design and style. One of the most unique features is that we have a specialized décor division. Not many realize the importance of keeping both these departments separate. 

The clear distinction and dedicated individual focus on the design and décor sections crank our projects’ uniqueness up a notch. At ELAAN, we provide our clients with a highly functional medium that connects professional interior designers, homeowners, and vendors. We have successfully executed numerous projects which range from 600+ residential projects, 100+ commercial projects, and more than 50 hospitality projects in 25 years.  We specialize in commercial, hospitality and residential Interior design.

ELAAN interiors and architecture – Weaving stories through spaces  

Commercial/Hospitality Interior designers 

Interior designing as a field is not just limited to designing your cozy home or living space; instead, it has spread its wings to other areas as well. Commercial luxury interior designs, being one of them, is an imperative component of the interior designing field. 

Designing the interiors of corporate and commercial space can be translated as a complex job that requires carefully taking into consideration some of the prominent factors and pointers. 

Several techniques and methodologies of designing the interiors of commercial spaces do not center on the idea of changing the looks and designs of the spaces but rather it has to do more with nonchalant functioning that would make a significant difference in your employee’s everyday working and other commercial activities. From hotels to offices to retail showrooms; all these places today require a commercial interior designer to create a space that not only looks visually pleasing but also provides comfort and convenience of utility.

Highlighting the role of a commercial interior designer 

At ELAAN Interiors, with thoughtful contemplation of various important factors, our commercial interior designers provide clients with a well-designed and highly efficient working space that optimizes operational efficiency and furthers the brand’s idea and identity. 

Furthermore, our skilled commercial interior designers believe that the safety features of the building or space cannot be compromised. Commercial interior designers of ELAAN, Luxury Interior Designers in Hyderabad prioritize their clients’ needs and generate desired output within the specified budget. 

Hiring our services comes with its advantages, one of which would be that our commercial interior designers are committed and staunch professionals who work to provide the client with the best possible outcomes. Transforming a space can prove to be quite a daunting task. 

Well, you don’t have to worry about giving your corporate or workspace a new and refreshing look and design. The process is simple and it begins with a meeting between the designer and the client where the former might give out blueprints or 3D models for a better visual representation before the clients. 

Our commercial Interior designers are focused on producing versatile and up-to-date layouts and keeping in mind flexible furniture positioning is a crucial element of a flexible interior design for commercial and corporate spaces.

Residential or home interior designers 

Our residential or home luxury interiors designing services ensure that your living space gets a complete makeover according to your home interior needs with the latest and trendy designs. 

The architects design the overall structure and interior designers keep a check on the color scheme and other home accessories that are included to give the space a fresh new look. We at ELAAN interiors make it a point to prioritize the needs of the client and provide them the best output combined with our skills and techniques. From inculcating modern trends, luxury interiors designing services, and styles to understanding the association with spaces, our interior designers make sure that they can successfully cater to different clients with distinct taste preferences.

ELAAN is a 25-year-old UK based interdisciplinary practice, with offices in India and Malaysia, involved in rigorous design.


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