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The design of your office, the layout, and the space usage influences the productivity and the comfort level of the employees to a great extent. Irrespective of whether your company is relocating or redesigning, it is very important to pay attention to the minute details. This will help you create a much more efficient and successful workplace that has happy employees.

When you plan as to how your office will look and the feel,you can get in touch with us. At Elaan Interiors we check out the following elements:


Studies have shown that bland and neutral colours tend to affect productivity. The colourful office spaces stimulate creativity and thinking ability. The green and the blue colorshelp you to come up with different ideas and the red colour helps you to be attentive and also focus on your targets.


This is often overlooked but researches show that the shape of the everyday items has a powerful impact on the productivity of the employees. Curved or round furniture helps the employees to be much more creative.


A well decorated Office interior designers in Hyderabad But one thing that you need to take care of is that the workplace should be clutter-free. This will minimize distractions.


This is a very important topic for debate in the office as people prefer different temperatures. Studies suggest that if you set the thermostat at 68 – 76 degrees Fahrenheit that is the most comfortable temperature for most employees.

Office design, Layout, and space planning

We first plan a layout for your new office space, and here the most important thing that we take into consideration is how we can help you use up the space in the most efficient manner. By smart planning,we save a lot of time. We think ahead and ask you relevant questions about the individuals and the unique functions in your office.

The answers to these questions help us design the most efficient workspace for your employees. Some of the examples include:

We make people who have similar job roles sit in the same area.

We also make sure that the workers can go to their most frequent destinations easily.

If the employee needs to talk a lot over the phone and needs a quiet place, we provide certain tools that they need, to be more productive.

When considering an office layout, we try to find a balance between the open office space and the private spaces. These days many newer office spaces have adopted the open office concept that allows the employees to interact and share their ideas. But this type of workspace is not ideal for all companies. It is therefore important to carefully consider the needs and the personalities of all the employees, and aim at striking a balance between communal and private spaces where the employees can get recharged to concentrate more on their work.

Here are some basic tips that we follow so as to design your office in the most efficient way

Following the tips below will help you to design the workspace most efficiently:

We open up the space

Irrespective of whether you have a big or a small space, you can always make the most of it by introducing a more open layout. This means that we will have to knock down the office partitions, re-arrange the desks completely and dismantle the individual cubes. Not only does the open office layout make the most of the space that you have, but at times it can also make the area look much bigger and therefore help the employees to collaborate much better. This also helps you to work towards building a much more efficient workforce with employees who feel like they have more freedom and space to communicate with and work as a team.

Introduce more light

Nothing can be a better workspace than a bright and airy environment. It is said that natural light makes people much happier and much more productive. This can be extremely useful when you are building an efficient workspace. We, therefore, ensure that your workspace allows as much natural light as possible. This creates an environment that is much more inviting for the environment. Your office must be a place where the employees are happy to be. Moreover, the reduction in the consumption of artificial light will also lower energy costs in the long run. You will thus have more spare cash available so that you can focus on other more important things.

Consider the glass office partitions

One of the best ways to keep the office up to date with the modern world is by introducing more glass. You might have seen the huge and modern glass-fronted skyscrapers in the city centers and the interior glass elements that compliment them. Many offices across the world are picking up on this trend because they have realized that the more glass they use, the better it is for them.

The glass partitioning systems are great for modern offices that want to maximize the amount of natural lightening and also create a much more open workspace where there is also an element of privacy. This is a great alternative to the solid walls and doors and also creates a private area for the meetings etc. The best thing about the glass partition is that they do not disrupt the office design and can be rather used to enhance it.

We also create the break out spaces

The modern offices are much more than just a single room that is filled with desks and computers. They realize the need to allow the workers enough time to break away from the office environment and have a different space where they can allow their creative thoughts to flow. A breakout space does not just mean somewhere to chill out and eat lunch but it can be used to aid productivity by giving a chance to stay away from the computer for some time.The best thing about these break-out spaces is that you get the freedom to design them the way you want. You need not keep the design formal that you have to do with the main office space. There is also plenty of opportunities to make them as fun and as creative as possible to get a much cooler and more modern environment.

We, at Elaan interiors make sure that we design your office interior designers in Hyderabad that suits your requirements, your style and your personality.

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