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At ELAAN, a Premium Interior Designing Company in Hyderabad, we aim to maintain a balance between our client’s taste and the designer’s skills and knowledge. There are several distinct interior design themes that the client can choose from and incorporate with their choice of colors and other home accessories. 

ELAAN’s wide range of interior design services cater different tastes and styles.


Eclectic design in the world of interior design is recognized by its quality of being an amalgamation of different styles, trends, colors, aesthetics, and textures. It is a smooth and dynamic blend of elements of contemporary vintage or simple with elegant style. It is all about putting your personality out there through the interior of your living space. The disparate styles and juxtaposing textures and colors have to do a lot in creating an eclectic-oriented interior for your home. 


With bold and precise geometry and denoted by vibrant colors. This style in design and arts gained huge popularity in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.  It was one of the most gripping and influential styles of the 20th century. 

Smooth wall surface, Sharp-edged, linear appearance, stylized decorative elements using geometrical forms, zigzags, chevrons, Low relief decorative panels, stepped or set back front façade, strips of windows with decorative spandrels and fluting around the doors and windows are some of the distinguished and most identifiable features and characteristics of art deco design. 

For this theme, residential interior designers make sure that we blend the geometric patterns with interesting and striking choices of colors in an effortless manner to give a visual boost to the interiors of your home.


Shabby Chic interior designers in Hyderabad celebrate the beauty of imperfect elements. It’s full of vintage and antique furniture, chippy wood paint, and soft and subdued hues. Shabby chic interiors have a very calming and relaxed feel. 

The shabby chic style became quite popular in the 1980s and ’90s era. It was given the name “shabby chic” because the famous author and designer Ashwell coined the phrase to clearly explain her notion of transforming vintage elements into casual and pretty, yet elite and elegant home décor. With a Shabby Chic Style, we aim to provide our clients with a subtle, soft, feminine, and elegant design style compared to other styles like Bohemian or any other style of Interior Design. 

Shabby Chic, the term is quite self-explanatory as it conveys a short modern way of using and refurbishments of old, new, or used items. It also integrates a lot of antique finished paint on furnishings. Mostly the design and decor are in white or something from a pastel color palette. 


Rustic interior designers take in components and elements from nature around us which are present in the most raw, unfinished, and organic things. The uniqueness of rustic design style lies in the fact that it lets the natural beauty shine through. 

Design is centered on comfort and creating a welcoming atmosphere that doesn’t necessarily go together. It also has some wood elements and more the imperfections and rougher the construction the better it looks and enhances the surroundings. 

The rustic design consists of certain elements from the outdoors with their natural warmth, echoing from the design and architectural details. The plethora of natural materials often left raw generates a feeling of still being in nature while resting in the comfort of your own home.  When we blend rustic pieces with several styles it keeps the room interiors crisp and intriguing.


The Transitional design is like a bridge between modern and conventional design notions. A beautiful symphony of designs and lines, with the transitional design we compile pieces from varied styles of design together and produce its unique design. This not only gives it a modern and fresh twist but also maintains the balance between opulence productivity and functionality.  


Japanese and Scandinavian lines blended to produce a novel and fresh feel and look in the luxury interior design. JAPANDI style is a fusion of designs from Japanese and Scandinavian styles such as simplicity and natural elements. This is the latest trend that is catching on like wildfire throughout the world. It is inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi which is a way of life that values contentment and simplicity, as well as the Scandinavian practice that embraces comfort, coziness, and well-being.


Mid Century modern can be characterized by a subset of modern design, defined as the style whose popularity surged in the early 1900s. However, when compared to the conventional definitions of modern design, mid century modern design tends to be  vintage and retro and often utilizes bright accent colors to emphasize this point. For this design, ELAAN as a Premium Interior Designing Company in Hyderabad shall make use of Furnishings which prioritize function over ornament. With simple geometric lines, and a frequent use of teak, rosewood, and oak are some of the characteristics through which the Midcentury modern design becomes quite identifiable.

ELAAN is a 25-year-old UK based interdisciplinary practice, with offices in India and Malaysia, involved in rigorous design.


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