Summer Decor Trends to Make Your House Look Cool

We can light up your mood in summer with the help of Elaan Interior home decoration. It contains colors, textures, and patterns that provide energy in bright summer. People can celebrate their favourite season by enhancing it with attractive décor items.

A splash of colour maybe all it takes to transform the home into a new look.  When everything from Holidays and picnics to clothing and food are changed during the summer season then why should interiors be left behind? The Top Luxury Interior Designers in Hyderabad are available to fulfil your demands. 

Summer Home Furniture: During the summer season, the format of our house should be changed after winter. As per the weather requirement, dhurries and light cotton covers replace heavy woollen curtains and furnishings. Lean beds and lounge chairs are comfortable for rest time. Light furniture that is placed in storage, can be put for relaxation in the sunlight.  

Summer Wall Decoration Ideas: The design based on summer is all about light, freshness, and many colors. You can take colourful paintings, wall decals, wall decorations, and beautiful wall pieces for wall decorative items. 

Light and lively prints: The mixture of prints and patterns is important for lighting and freshening up a room. One such example is the colour combination of red, blue, and orange which provides an attractive look to your living room and lifts the space. Some white walls and flooring addition to neutral upholstery give an excellent canvas for all colors. 

Outdoor Lights: Hanging a strand of sparkling white lights indoors or outdoors can be a good choice for decoration in the summer season. It indicates a great summer season at every location. The specialty of sparkling light is its availability in all colors and appearances. You can use small and tiny light outdoors or wrap them around a tree or pole to add to the aesthetic.


Nature in summer room décor: Top Luxury Interior Designers in Hyderabad provides a facility of look and feel of nature in your room by using unique décor items. They try to make a bond between nature and humans in public and private spaces. The designs include natural elements like stone, wood, natural light, and plant life to build a beautiful interior structure.

Supersized Art: Artwork is necessary for summer decorating ideas and is very attractive. The options consist of a floor-to-ceiling length, spacious entry, or artwork designed in the living room that provides a perfect look to your room. Contemporary, realistic, abstract, and typography artwork can enrich your walls with beautiful colours.

Eco-friendly handmade pieces: Handmade items are an add-on for interiors nowadays. In this time, when everything is expensive and out of the budget, handmade products are budget-friendly and give an adorable look.

 It looks so simple, real, and can be curated to match the room’s interior. It includes Japanese interior, bohemian styles, jute, and clay as per the requirement of material and finishing.

Beautiful Bare Windows: Some famous interior styles made of bare windows are used in today’s era with the use of naked glass panels for windows. You can try it in summer décor by updating your window frames with painted or wooden choices.

Texture above Color: In the context of the latest fashion, texture plays a vital role in creating items using natural materials. These add-ons make the interior alive as it engages various human senses like sight, touch etc in the summer décor part.

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